Trump: Malignant Narcissist

RIGGED ELECTION! The ravings of a lunatic

Rajeet S
5 min readNov 15, 2020


Screenshot of Donald Trump’s Twitter profile

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I live in the UK, so this whole Trump thing has mostly been a comedy for me, from his first campaign all the way through to his recent loss.

I can’t laugh too much though — in 2016 the UK voted to leave the EU, which was our version of hostile, non-thinking, emotional politics. The ‘leave the EU’ campaign had an ‘us vs them’ focus, just like the Trump campaign did, which divided the country down the middle, just like Trump did.

I made a video back when he got elected, which was mostly do with his vitriolic rhetoric; how it stoked the fires of hatred and nationalism in many Americans, but also how he united a global mob against him in the face of sheer stupidity.

The main thing which struck me about Trump then, and the thing which still amazes me to this day, is his absolute inability to accept any fact he doesn’t personally agree with.

He’s like a school bully in first grade who forces his opinions on everyone else. The one who refuses to believe anyone other than him could ever be right but still somehow staunchly believes he’s the most popular kid in school.

He’s essentially a real life version of Eric Cartman (saying that, his win in 2016 seemed to break Southpark — the storywriters just couldn’t keep up with the parody of itself that real life had become).

Eric Cartman from Southpark. Image from wallpapercave

As a person whose main interest is the study of the mind, Trump’s behaviour is most interesting to me on a psychological level. The most obvious traits he exhibits are ones of grandiosity (the idea he has of being vastly more important than anyone else), and his crushing need to always be right.

Now, the grandiosity one I can kinda understand, after all he does hold the highest position of office in the land. OK, I got that one. But, the need to always be right about everything, even things which he clearly knows nothing about (glass of bleach, anyone?) is a clear sign of a huge (and very…



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